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Polly Barnfield – Maybe*

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Show Notes

On the docket this episode – the future of the high street. Luckily for us, we were able to join forces with Polly Barnfield from Maybe*. Polly also sits on the Future High Street Taskforce, making her well placed to provide a deep dive into the challenges facing the high street retail environment.

Her involvement in Maybe* – an advanced one-of-a-kind social listening tool – lent itself to our somewhat (un)healthy obsession with social media. But, more importantly, provided a platform for Polly to deliver a quick MBA for high street brands looking to drive footfall and engage their audience online. So the whole technology expert thing and High Street TaskForce thing, kind of made sense ;o).

Bonus points for us because we also discussed the UK wide Digital Index – a magic piece of tech from Maybe* which ranks towns and city’s against each other, and highlights the largest (and smallest) social voices contributing to the amplification, reach and output across various social media platforms within each town and city.

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